New Home Cumming


- Dear Friends -
I started a number of x-rated cummunities for men in 2010 which sadly closed in 2023. Please join me for a new cummunity which will go live in Q1, 2024. Visit the subscribe page below to enter your email address and I'll send you an invite when we go live. Please spread the word to your online buddies.


- February 18, 2024 - 

We are getting closer to cumming... get ready to explode your load... we have 727 subscribers


I'm currently in the process of configuring and testing our new features. I'm very excited for us; a lot of thought is being put into our new home after learning from past experiences and reflecting on your valued feedback over the years.  We currently have 450 513 564 629 681 727 subscribers who are interested in joining but we need at least 1000 before we can go live. So please tell your online buddies to sign up because joining will be by invitation only to begin with as we get our family back together for a ‘welcum home’ party. I'll post more updates here. Best, James